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Web Services Department Bi-annual Update

Daniel Lange (1352906)

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Daniel Lange (1352906)

I hope everyone is, going to or already have enjoyed the summer and hopefully vacations. Like always here’s an update on what’s going on at the Web Services department for those who are curious. I’ve also added some statistics at the very end.

What are we working on?

In the last update we informed about:

  • New Control Center update v3.0.0 introducing new endorsement system
    • This was released at the end of May, and the endorsements have been centralized in CC now.
  • Implementing bookings directly in the Discord bot for recurring staff-up events
    • This functionality is now live and was released in the spring. Also functionality to restrict bookings to main positions first, before allowing bookings for supporting positions.
  • Us waiting for the new wiki software update to release, which would allow us more countries to join the same solution Norway now has for ATC documentation.
    • Unfortunately the creator of the solution has pushed the release, and current scheduled release is at the end of the year. We’ve tried to do some workarounds to not wait any longer, though without any great success. Let’s hope the release doesn’t get pushed any further.

Other than that we’ve so far this year released our new Available Stands finder on stands.vatsim-scandinavia.org. Using VATSIM data to show which stands are available, based on our own quality ensured data, and as backup, Open Street Map data. Very useful for events or larger group flights, so remember to link it in the poster descriptions!

We have also introduced automated mentor and training roles in Discord based on the access the user has in Control Center. This has made it possible to create country-specific mentor channels for all countries. Replacing communication in other spaces like Facebook chats and similar.

Finally we don’t have any large projects at the moment, mostly tweaking our existing ones with some patches, stability updates and minor functionalities. If you have any suggestions for services, improvements, bugs or similar, let us know!


Stats and facts

Like last time, I’ve collected some statistics from our division and services that I though be fun to share.

We're a large subdivision, and has as of today, 4375 (+261 in ’22) registered members according to the VATSIM Database. On Discord we are 1373 (+262) members. Ranking us, at least on the official VATSIM Discord list, 5th (-1) largest Discord server. Only 124 members behind VATEMEA.

Skjermbilde 2022-07-20 kl. 22.02.20.png

#finnish-chat is still the channel with most messages the last month, just like half year ago! And most people expect «Other» are still from Norway, followed by Sweden and Finland.

Skjermbilde 2022-07-20 kl. 22.03.40.png

When it comes to ATC related statistics, based on ATC activity the last 12 months, this is our top 10 controllers based on online hours! Thank you for your dedication!

Controllers with most ATC hours per 2022-07-08

Name ATC Hours last 12m VATSIM registered country
@Roald Strangstadstuen (1425746) 754 NO
@Troels Knudsen (1483961) 490 DK
@Juha-Matti Korvanen (830515) 488 FI
@Marcus Lundelin (1480664) 471 SE
@Richard Weber (1460595) 461 FI
@Hakan Schulz (937154) 452 SE
@Joonatan Porkkala (1244751) 442 FI
@Jakob Ek Jensen (1336291) 430 DK
@Thomas Ljung (1253198) 426 SE
@Adrian Bjerke (1339353) 383 NO

Whole community average: 112 hours
Whole community median:  60 hours

That's all!

I want to also thank the whole web team @Gustav Kauman (1262761) @David Mortensen (1419105) @Markus Nielsen (1401513) for all their contributions so far this year. Gustav has been advising us when we were the most desperate to fix something, Markus has been in charge of the Discord bot development and David has made sure we have plenty of off-site backups in case our datacenter would catch fire, yes they do catch fire

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