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  • EKCH - Copenhagen-Kastrup


    Kastrup is Denmark’s main international airport, located at the island of Amager just 8 km south of Copenhagen and 24 km from Sweden’s Malmö. It is the oldest, largest and also the busiest Scandinavian airport, measured by passenger count, direct long haul routes and total number of destinations. The airport is a hub for Scandinavian Airlines and serves many airlines. It was founded in 1925, and gained popularity when SAS started their famous "Noth Pole Route" with a DC-6 from Copenhagen to Los Angeles. Today, there is almost not a single european airline not serving CPH in one form or another.


    Documents to download

    Copenhagen Airport Pilot Briefing 2021.pdf

    Secondary documents

    Stand guide.pdf

    Pushback routes.pdf

    Standard Taxi routes.pdf

    EKCH Charts.pdf

    Youtube Video Briefing for EKCH





    • Scandinavian Airlines
    • Norwegian
    • Jettime
    • KLM
    • Lufthansa
    • Austrian Airlines
    • Airfrance
    • British Airways
    • Sunclass
    • Emirates
    • Qatar
    • Many many others
  • Active NOTAMs

    • Rwy 12 closed for landings due to construction, Daily from 05z-17z
    • Rwy 30 closed for takeoffs due to construction, Daily from 05z-17z
    • Rwy 22R closed for Takeoffs & Landings due to WIP




    VATSIM NOTAMs & Events

    -Cross the pond Westbound. EKCH is represented! Saturday 24th 10z-16z

    -Vectors to Copenhagen, every monday from 18z-20z (Find it here)

  • >>Make sure to read the “Pilot Info” found on page 2 of the Charts in the Charts section<<



    Begin you flight at the stand that fits your airline. A complete interactive guide is here, which will help you fine the correct stand

    Stand guide.pdf


    Expect SIDs out of Copenhagen. When ready for pushback, advise if able to perform "Custom" pushback (with GSX, UGCX, Better Pushback etc.)

    If so you will be approved to push to a "release" point which can be found in the Pushback guide below
    Appendix AD1.4.2.1 Standard Pushback routes.pdf


    Expect normally Runway 04R or Runway 22R. 12/30 is ONLY in use when wind requires

    Intersection departures may be used. 

    Be prepared for hold short instructions, and make sure you have your taxi charts with you




    All Departures are via SIDs and cleared to FL70 (04/22) or 4000' (12/30)

    You need to Contact the appropriate departure frequency by yourself, passing 1000' (TWR will remind you though)




    Expect STARs (A-E). 1M & 1N STARs are NEVER used, and is only for planning purposes

    You may get direct to a point NOT in your flightplan. Check page two of the chart package for further info

    Normally expect Vectors to Final.



    Vacate without delay, to the:

    04L: left to join A. Continue taxi, even without clearance, but hold short of Runway 12/30

    22L: Right to join B. Continue taxi even without clearance, but hold short of Taxiway C

    04R: Left to join B. Continue taxi even without clearance, but hold short of Taxiway C

    22R: Left onto E4 if possible. If NOT possible vacate right to join A, but hold short of A5

    30: Vacate right, and taxi without delay to be clear of the runway, but hold short of Taxiway Y

    12: Vacate left via G1 or G2, and await further instructions




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