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  • EKCH - Copenhagen-Kastrup

  • Kastrup is Denmark’s main international airport, located at the island of Amager just 8 km south of Copenhagen and 24 km from Sweden’s Malmö. It is the oldest, largest and also the busiest Scandinavian airport measured by passenger count, direct long haul routes and total number of destinations. The airport is a hub for Scandinavian Airlines and serves many airlines.


    Find the briefing pack below for a complete overview of Copenhagen. Below info is technical and reference only
    Copenhagen Airport Pilot Briefing.pdf


    • 22R
    • 22L
    • 04R
    • 04L
    • 12
    • 30

    Gate assignement
    Interactive document below. If you are too busy for precise stand see below: 


    B gates: SAS, ICE, GRL

    C gates: SAS,NAX,UAE,QTR,SIA,THG,AFL etc.

    D gates: SAS,NAX

    E gates: SAS (CRJ+ATR only)

    F gates: RYR,EZY,EZS,ELU,TRA,TRF,LDM etc.

    F gates: WIF,BTI,DAT (prop only F89-F98)

    IFR flight clearance
    Always have following information ready before asking for clearance:

    • ATIS letter
    • QNH
    • Aircraft type
    • Stand (Only if flying with Default scenery)

    VFR flight requests
    VFR aircraft on Apron North shall contact Kastrup Apron or stations higher if not available.Aircraft at other areas shall contact Kastrup tower or if not available stations higher.
    On initial contact VFR traffic shall contact the relevant station with their registration or callsign, aircraft type and position followed by the request.
    VFR traffic is normally given taxi instructions immediately after requesting a flight along with QNH. Departure information and squawk are often given during taxi or when holding short for departure.

    On Apron North, departing aircraft shall obtain push-back and taxi instruction from Kastrup Apron, however, an aircraft leaving the stand by own power shall obtain taxi instruction only, except in deicing situations, where the aircraft shall obtain start up approval as well.

    In other areas, all departing aircraft shall obtain push-back or start up approval and taxi instruction from Kastrup Tower



    Refer to the guide for taxi briefing. Routes are depicted below

    04R departure / 04L landing                                                                                                    22R departure / 22Llanding

    image.png.ce706442f1fee7fa065216775a29ef04.png      image.png.a6c6e956aeb09766c6bc2330eb398816.png


    Assigned transponder code shall be activated when push-back or taxi clearance has been obtained (whichever comes first)

    Aircraft should contact Copenhagen Departure/Approach, or stations higher if not available, as soon as they become airborne and report passing altitude for identification.

    Clearances received from Delivery shall be followed by flying the SID as published and climbing to the initial climb altitude. Direct routing and further climb should be expected whenever the situation permits

    Advise the controller if you are unable to fly the SID.

    VFR departures will receive departure information, squawk number and QNH no later than when reporting ready for departure. VFR aircraft in Kastup CTZ shall fly not higher than 1500 ft and depart towards a VFR route or general direction subject to pilot’s capabilities and ATC discretion via traffic pattern or direct departure. Kastrup Tower may request position and altitude reports during the departure procedures.

    VFR aircraft leaving Kastrup CTZ into Copenhagen TMA controlled airspace, will retain their assigned squawk number and shall be handed over to Copenhagen Departure/Approach. VFR traffic shall contact Copenhagen Departure/Approach with callsign or registration number, altitude, approximate position and intentions. Copenhagen Departure/Approach shall provide direction for departing Copenhagen TMA along with any altitude restrictions and traffic information. Copenhagen Approach/Departure may request position and altitude reports during the departure procedures.

    VFR aircraft leaving Kastrup CTZ into Copenhagen TMA uncontrolled airspace, will set squawk 7000 and may be instructed to, or on pilot’s discretion, change frequency to Copenhagen Departure/Approach for traffic information.



    pushback routes 2020.jpg

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