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  • EKKA - Karup Airport

  • Background Information
    Karup is the main airport serving the mid part of Jutland. The airport, which is also the home for the danish airforce has a small terminal able to serve a few airplanes, mainly feeder for Copenhagen airport, from the surrounding cities of Karup airport. While the airport is small, it is not without its charm, with runways crossing all over the place, and a millitary area to the south.

  • Most common Airlines

    • Danish Air Transport
    • Scandinavian Airlines
    • Norwegian



    Remember EKDK_CTR still controls Karup if local ATC is offline

    If EKDK_V_CTR is online you must contact him


    For you departure expect clearance like this: 

    “Cleared to Destination via [Point]/[Flightplan route], FL120, expect level change, squawk 1234, after departure Direct [Point]”


    Pushback & Taxi:


    Pushback is not used in Karup.


    Expect Departure 09R or 27L depending on wind.


    Expect taxi via runway E for 27L, and via P, Runway 21 & runway 27R for departure 09R



    No noise abatement. After passing 650’ a turn in any direction may be commenced



    Expect clearance direct to following points:


    RIKSU (rwy 27L)

    REBBO (rwy 09R)


    Expect Vectors to final approach, or direct intercept from one of the above points.



    After landing vacate:

    • Rwy 27L:

    o   Right at the end, taxiway X. Note Twy X is only 15 metres wide!

    •  Rwy 09R

    o   Left via Rwy 03 if possible, otherwise at the end via E

    NOTE: Vacating to the South is prohibited if not military


  • Freeware Scenery

    • NIL

    Payware Scenery

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  • Documents

    Find the public VATSIM-Scandinavia Charts below
    EKKA Charts.pdf


    For Aerodrome text infromation see below
    EKKA text pages.pdf


    Other Information


  • Documents

    EKKA_ATIS Not Available
    EKKA_TWR 119.575
    EKKA_APP 120.425
    EKDK_V_CTR 126.050
    EKDK_CTR 121.375


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