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    Welcome to Norway!

  • To ensure the most enjoyable and eventful flight when visiting our FIR. Please have a good look at our page as it may contain useful information and procedure for the operation in Polaris FIR.

    For more specific briefings for our major airports, please have a look at the section to the right under the charts tab.

    General reccomandations

    When flying in Polaris some small things can make the experience great for everyone. Here is some great advise from us controllers in Polaris FIR

    Read the frequency

    This may sound strange and a bit harsh, but it's very important for our controllers in busy events. If you don't read the room (or in this case frequency), you will most likely cause more stress for both controllers and your fellow pilots. Therefore make sure to:

    • Listen on frequency before cheking in. Audio for VATSIM can be a bit slow on frequency switch during high load
    • If you're requesting clearence on ground and it's busy, please do not try to force in to the frequency for a clearence. Once we get some aircrafts on ground departed on air, the frequency will at one time be more calm, so please be patient.

    Be prepared

    We can't say this enough - we all win by doing this. It's not usual for us to issue an instruction that's far ahead in time, such as giving direct routing to a waypoint on the approach while still on a cruise. So make sure to prepare your charts and breif yourself before departure and landing.



    Usually, all pushback shall be executed straight back unless otherwise had been instructed. If it's requested to perform a push facing towards a direction on the taxiway, the controller will inform you of the pushback clearance. If unsure, please do not hesitate to ask the controller before requesting the pushback.

    Note: If you are restricted in any sort to perform the pushback as instructed, notify the controller as soon it's practically possible


    Taxi clearances to the runway are often given without a specific holding point. If it's the case, taxi to the most reasonable holding point. In most cases, this will be at the end of the runways or the locations witch gives the shortest backtracks.

    If you receive the instruction "HOLD SHORT", we expect you to stop before entering/crossing the specified taxiway.


    IFR Departure

    When airborne and contacting approach, establish the communication by:

    • Call up with callsign
    • Report the current altitude

    Note: Also make sure to report your altitude also when you are in contact with top/down ATC (ATC covers both the aerodrome and approach sector). 

    If traffic permits, you can expect a direct to a waypoint along your route, also beyond the end of the SID. In short domestic flights, even a direct to the IAF (Initial Approach Fix) or waypoint on the expected star is not unusual. If you have a short flight time, we recommend to pre-plan and pre-program the expected arrival and approach before departing from the departure field.


    IFR Arrival

    An arrival clearance will be given before the end of your routing. A STAR and expected approach will be issued. If your destination does not have a STAR, expect vectors or direct to the respective points on the approach.

    Some points to take note of:

    • Expect also directs to waypoints along the STAR or on the approach procedures.
    • Do not descend without clearance, a STAR clearance is not a descend clearance
    • If you are ready to descend but haven't received clearance. Report ready for decend shortly before T/D.
    • When cleared for approach via a transition point, you are also cleared to descend according to the procedure


  • Flying into AFIS Aerodromes

    A introduction to procedures to our AFIS facilities is available here


  • Report broken or outdated content
    If you find a broken or outdated links, pages, documentations and similar. Please report it to norway@vatsim-scandinavia.org.

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