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  • CPH Live - September 11th from 0600z-2200z
    Welcome to CPH Live. On this page you will find all the information and trivia needed to enjoy the day!

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  • Check out our website!

    Here you will find updates, inspiration, and competitions signups. This will be a prime form of communication up until the event

    Browse the tabs in the top for more info about different subjects! 

  • #Be Prepared

    Visit our Danish Pilot Page for making sure you are prepared for the day.

    Charts & Briefing package are also available, guaranteeing the perfect appraoch

    Check out our Briefing page in the top menu, or ask us a question over Facebook if you are unsure

  • Streaming

    This year we have an awesome streaming setup, with multiple stations and professional eqipment. Tune in on Twitch to see

    All in Zulu times

    06:00-09:00 EKCH_A_GND

    09:00-12:00 EKCH_APP (East and West)

    1200-15:00 EKCH_TWR (Departure and Arrival

    15:00-18:00 EKCH_A_GND

    18:00-21:00 EKCH_F_APP

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