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Web Services Department Bi-annual Update

Daniel Lange (1352906)

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Daniel Lange (1352906)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🎄 Same procedure as every year(x2), a bi-annual Web Department update :) Just like in our last update, we are mainly focusing on updating and adding new features to already existing services.

What are we working on?

Control Center

  • Has gotten two larger updates since last time
  • v3.1.0 introducing activity monitor to notify inactive controllers if they log on, and e-mail notifications related to endorsements.
  • v3.2.0 introducing support for the new S1 structure introduced in some selected FIRs.

Discord bot

  • @Markus Nielsen (1401513) is currently working on a update that will fix most of the instabilities and issues we've had with the bot the last year. Will be released VatSoon(tm)


  • We don't develop Moodle, but we did upgrade it to a newest major version that introduced an actually user friendly UI. This has hopefully eased up a lot of work you who use this service.


  • Just like last time, we're still waiting for this big update from the wiki software developer, that would enable us to add new FIRs to the solution without mixing up the content completely. This is taking a lot longer time then we thought, but there's not much we can do about this at the moment. There's at least a developer preview out now, so hopefully it's not far until a beta is out.

Stats and facts


I’ve collected some statistics from our division and services that I though be fun to share.

We're a large subdivision, and has as of today, 4518 (+404 in ’22) registered members according to the VATSIM Database. On Discord we are 1560 (+449 in '22). Ranking us, at least on the official VATSIM Discord list, 5th (-1) largest Discord server. Only 181 members behind VATEMEA.

Skjermbilde 2022-12-25 kl. 09.48.55.png

Like every time, the Finns are still the most talkative, this period followed up by the Norwegians instead of Danes :D 

Skjermbilde 2022-12-25 kl. 09.50.18.png

When it comes to ATC related statistics, based on ATC activity the last 12 months, this is our top 10 controllers based on online hours! Thank you for your dedication!
Controllers with most ATC hours per 2022-12-25

Name ATC hours last 12m Registered country
@Roald Strangstadstuen (1425746) 800 NO
@Hakan Schulz (937154) 584 SE
@Jannik Huttenlocher (1456952) 446 NO
@Thomas Ljung (1253198) 425 SE
@Lasse Ljung (1219368) 419 NO
@Daniel Folsoe (1442076) 410 DK
@Juha-Matti Korvanen (830515) 409 FI
@Jeppe Seier (1602589) 396 DK
@Linus Joseph (1557802) 390 NO
@Marcus Lundelin (1480664) 381 SE

Whole community average: 118 hours (+6h since summer)
Whole community median:  68 hours (+8h since summer)

That's all!

I'd like to thank my web team for all the contributions this year, @Gustav Kauman (1262761) @Markus Nielsen (1401513) and @David Mortensen (1419105). With this, I wish you and everyone a happy new year! 🎉

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